Rules Of Survival Hack 2018

Rules Of Survival Hack 2018

Survival games are ruling these days with their MMO feature and there are so many games available out there to play. Rules of Survival become the successful game due to positive reviews all around and millions of download. The availability for IOS and Android devices just like our Rules Of Survival hack helped this game to reach on everyone’s smartphone. The graphics and features are making it better to play.

Rules Of Survival Hack

You can find interactive features along with vivid graphics whereas the gameplay is quite unique and better than other games. The size of the game is small and you can easily play it on any smartphone and head over to combat with hundreds of players. In order to be the best, you need to learn few vital tips and get better weapons.  The coin play imperative role where you can get a decent amount by various methods.

In order to be the best, you need to grab a good amount of resources. And Rules Of Survival hack is a great alternative to provide sufficient amount with ease.



  1. Learn The Basics

This is a survival game so there are three things that you should know before getting started. You can get started by knowing these before the first match –

  • Landing first on the ground is primary thing which will help you obtain more resources way before others.
  • Coin is the primary currency and it is vital to preserve. Don’t waste your resources unless there is too much need of it.
  • Always stay on alert mode because anyone can hit you. Just focus on staying safe and trying to go a walk of precaution.

These are some common things that you should do before getting started with the rule of survival. You can also find some cool things in this Rules Of Survival review and each one is quite helpful.

  1. How to Land First?

You may have seen so many people advising to land first but how to do is still a burning question. Well, I have the answer. If you jumped from the plane and going down on a great speed then you may be thinking to open parachute but don’t.

It is better to wait for the right time. Keep on floating down to the ground and when you are close then open parachute. Make sure to avoid opening it way before others. Opening parachute earlier will reduce down your speed and you will land lately.

Landing after other has numerous issues. You will get fewer weapons and all the resources will be picked by others. Landing earlier means more weapon and better sighting to kill more opponent. It will offer you numerous benefits.

  1. Sightseeing

When you jump from the plane then it is the great time to have amazing benefit sightseeing. You can find some of best places to land. Even you are able to find a location that is full of resources but you should avoid that.

Landing in such zones will make you end up earlier. Anyone can shoot you down in those situations and you will lose the life. Find those locations that are better to go with and collect resources. Stay on alert and find an opponent.

These two are the major benefit of sightseeing and it gives you a head start as if you land first. Even you can gauge the situation and learn what to do. There is need of coming up with a great tactic. It is typically most of the time but you can easily eradicate every single issue by using this method.

  1. Keep on Moving

Rules of Survival is just as other survival games like Fortnite and few more where you need to keep moving.  If you don’t want to face any issue then you should keep on moving because the opponent can’t take you down in such conditions.

On the other hand, you can get better resources and hunt down the opponent. There are around 100 players in a match and you can win overall with better weaponry and strategy. Movement helps you stay secure also.

If earning resources become typical then you can try out Rules of Survival Cheats. It will help you save money and you won’t have to waste a single penny on the in-app purchases. It makes things easier and reliable also.

  1. Must Use Headphones or Earphones

So, you learned to play this game but still, you are knocked down by others. Have you ever wondered that what strategies are used by best gamers? Well, they are using above given tips and headphone.

Rules of survival’s developers are offering great sound effect on every single thing. If someone is around then you can hear the noise of walking running and all. These sound effects are hard to listen without headphones that’s why must use it up.

  1. Stay on High Alert

To stay safe and never getting knocked down, pay attention to alert factor. You should check your back after every couple of minutes. It will help you find that if someone is around or not. Keep on watching insides and back to stay safe.

On the other hand, you should not walk in open like you should get the shade of objects nearby. There are trees and buildings that can help you stay hidden and walk with no issue.  Even this will help you last longer and be on the list of top 10.

Final Words

Thousands of gamers are out there and playing this game. If you want to stand different from them being the best then play all the modes and learn to hide and use the weapon. There are so many weapons to choose from. Each time, a good weapon will help you take down many players at once.

Hope, this guide will help you get rid of all the issues and be the best in all kind. Make sure to use Rules of Survival cheats and getting rid of every single issue. It will help you save money also.


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